Tarkett | Vinyl Sheet

  • Motivation: Performa was designed to provide a safe, peaceful, and less confusing aesthetic to aid our elderly and disabled living in managed care homes.
    Follow-up: Have you considered what complicated patterns must look like to those with dementia or loss of vision?
  • Efficiency: Performa can be both heat welded for sterile environments and cold welded for areas with less strict requirements.
    Follow-up: Have you ever wondered what happens if liquid biological material were to seep down between seams.
  • Safety: Performa’s matte and slightly granulated surface make it non-reflective, limiting glare from overhead lights, and it provides a little more traction for those with mobility issues.
    Follow-up: Even outside of senior living, wouldn’t it be beneficial to dorms or multi-family housing have a less slippery floor in their kitchens and bathrooms?
  • Environment: All scrap material from installation can be reclaimed and recycled. The biggest environmental impact is to limit excess waste and prevent it from overcrowding landfills or sending trash into our oceans.
    Follow-up: Would you consider documenting your sustainability approach as part of your marketing strategy?
  • R.O.I: Performa is an economical floor with the performance capabilities of more expensive options.
    Follow-up: In today’s uncertain economy are you choosing less expensive options and thinking this requires sacrifice?
  • Revenue Generator: As part of your sales approach to potential residents and their families, the safety reasoning behind your flooring selection may provide peace of mind and generate higher occupancy rates.
    Follow-up: Have you trained your sales staff on how to express your choices in interior finishes as part of the sales process?

  • Economical heterogeneous sheet solution
  • Long wear with Best in Category Performance
  • Nitrogen cured PU layer is tougher than oxygen cured PU layer; more sun, heat and stain resistant
  • Cleaning and stain removal are faster and easier

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