Stair Nosings

Tredsafe | Trims & Transitions

  • Motivation: Tredsafe stair nosing provides unlimited options by bringing your preferred floor covering to your stairwell and offers fully customizable inserts to complement any décor.  All the while, greatly enhancing durability by protecting the most vulnerable part of your stairs; the nosing.
    Follow-up: Have you considered extending your preferred floor covering design to your stairwells?
  • Efficiency: Whether indoor or out, retrofit or new construction, Tredsafe stair nosings are installed efficiently and securely through gluing and fastening with screws.  Tresafe inserts are a simple peel-and-stick application.
    Follow-up: Did you know Tredsafe warrants heavy traffic outdoor applications such as sports stadiums and arenas?
  • Safety: Tredsafe inserts utilize a beautifully unique raised pyramid pattern that provides exceptional multi-directional slip resistance. Additionally, Tredsafe inserts offer a range of safety colors including a photoluminescent option that highlights the edge of steps and landings.
    Follow-up: Do you know of another single product that addresses all of these concerns?
  • Environment: Aluminum’s natural durability and the insert’s longevity will greatly reduce the amount of material waste going to landfills.
    Follow-up: Did you know that we’re running out of global landfill space?
  • R.O.I: In one year alone, the majority of the $5.71 Billion in workers compensation claims for falls to lower level were stairwell related.
    Follow-up: Can you afford to put yourself at risk by value engineering your stairwells?
  • Revenue Generator: With custom insert colors and laser cut designs, we make it easy to add your logo, slogan, and brand colors to your space.  More than just safety; make a statement!
    Follow-up: How will you use Tredsafe stair nosings to incorporate team spirit, band identity, wayfinding, and the customer experience into your stairwells?

  • Protects the most vulnerable part of the stair; the nosing
  • Fully customizable inserts through laser cut inlays and custom colors
  • Durable anodized aluminum
  • Satin finish
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Superior traction when using Tredsafe insert