Expansion Joint Covers

Tredsafe | Trims & Transitions

  • Motivation: Expansion joints must be honored! However, if not integrated as part of the design scheme they will diminish even the most elegant of spaces. Tredsafe creates an expansion joint cover that enhances your aesthetic and helps maintain design continuity.
    Follow-up: Have you ever been in a beautiful space only to be distracted by an element that just doesn’t fit?
  • Efficiency: All concrete moves. Expansion joints will destroy any floor covering that tries to bridge the opening. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.
    Follow-up: Have you ever looked down and seen consistent damage running in a relatively straight line through the floor covering?
  • Safety: VCT remains a popular floor covering for commercial spaces. When it cracks it releases some of its limestone powder which is incredibly slippery, practically invisible, and quite dangerous.
    Follow-up: Have you ever considered the amount of risk you take on when you do not honor and treat a moving joint in your facility?
  • Environment: In many retail and commercial spaces, facilities opt to ignore expansion joints and simply repair the floor frequently when it cracks. Every repair sends material unnecessarily to a landfill.
    Follow-up: Did you know that in 2017 alone the United States generated 569 million tons of Construction and Demolition waste?
  • R.O.I: Ignoring expansion joints creates an unending depletion of revenue by requiring constant flooring repairs.
    Follow-up: Have you ever compared the cost of continual repairs against the initial cost of properly respecting expansion joints?
  • Revenue Generator: Tredsafe’s unique design provides a channel that allows you to use the same floor covering from the surrounding space minimizing visual disruption.
    Follow-up: Have you considered how paying attention to details such as this could improve tenant loyalty?

  • Durable anodized aluminum
  • Natural Satin finish
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Superior traction when using Tredsafe insert
  • Fully customizable inserts through laser cut inlays and custom colors