Tidewater & Sawgrass

Water-Resistant Laminate

Our water-resistant laminate flooring is ideal for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that may experience elevated moisture levels.

Product Sizes:

Plank (select sku’s): 8.03” x 47.64” (10mm)
Plank (select sku’s): 8.03” x 47.64” (8.0mm)

Recommended Areas For Use:

Residential, kitchens, bathrooms and
other areas that may experience elevated
levels of moisture.

Installation Method(s)



6mil poly vapor barrier required
Expansion joint required every 40 feet in all directions
Silicone edges required in any area w/ a high risk of standing water

  • Sawgrass thickness: 10mm + 2mm pad = 12mm
  • Tidewater thickness: 8mm + 2mm pad = 10mm
  • Painted beveled edges
  • Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty
  • Hydrophobic coating with high-quality wood structures.
  • Made in the USA
  • Float, angle-tap lock installation method
  • Water-resistant with superior protection
  • Pet-friendly
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced
  • PMDI technology increases the strength of the core board and reduces moisture absorption to an industry-leading 6%, without harmful chemicals
  • Many competitors use soft yellow pine and add formaldehyde
  • Angle-tap locking mechanism locks securely in all directions, increasing topical moisture resistance
  • AC4 rating surpass the industry standard AC3, providing superior scratch resistance

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