Prima Olio & Marbleized

Tarkett | Rubber

  • Motivation: Prima® Marbleized and Prima® Olio rubber tile offer dramatic visuals in either “linear” or “oil and water” styled marbling, and you can combine the standard colors or even the unique colors of your educational facility to generate school spirit.
    Follow-up: Have you ever been frustrated by a manufacturer not having your specific colors available for something as important as your school identity?
  • Efficiency: Creating effective learning environments goes beyond chalkboards and desks. Having a floor covering that reduces footfall noise yet is easy to clean and sanitize can both minimize distractions and provide parental peace of mind.
    Follow-up: What is your school’s cleaning regimen and who performs the work?
  • Safety: Rubber flooring has a naturally high coefficient of friction making it very slip-resistant and perfect for high-risk areas like ramps.
    Follow-up: Can you see how a product traditionally viewed as industrial in performance could handle the abuse generated by a school?
  • Environment: Tarkett has committed to being fully Cradle to Cradle by 2020, and Prima® Marbleized and Prima® Olio rubber tile has already achieved Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification.
    Follow-up: Can we discuss Cradle to Cradle?
  • R.O.I: Every person who enters your space must interact with your floor covering.
    Follow-up: Why not give it the same budget consideration used for your furniture and lighting?
  • Revenue Generator: Prima® Marbleized and Prima® Olio rubber tile provides such a unique visual that can assist you in driving membership, retaining customers, and marketing products.
    Follow-up: Can we tie your corporate brand imaging to your flooring?

  • Select field color
  • Select texture
  • Select vein colors
  • Custom cutting capabilities