Tarkett | Rubber

  • Motivation: Minerality Rubber Plank has no repeat pattern to distract you from its true beauty and it brings a natural aesthetic to any space.
    Follow-up: Have your eyes ever been drawn to a pattern repeat on a floor that attempted a natural visual?
  • Efficiency: Over time, rubber flooring can offer greater resource efficiency than most other flooring materials.
    Follow-up: Have you ever heard that term before?
  • Safety: Rubber flooring is naturally slip-resistant, possesses shock absorbing qualities, and has acoustic properties.
    Follow-up: Have you ever spent time standing on a rubber floor?
  • Environment: Requiring no wax or finishing chemicals, Minerality is an environmentally responsible solution as it lasts a very long time minimizing waste going to landfills.
    Follow-up: How often have you needed to repair or replace the floors in your facility and where are your biggest trouble spots?
  • R.O.I: Rubber tells the most powerful return on investment story in the flooring industry and has many 3rd party articles and documented studies to prove it.
    Follow-up: Would you like to see some of them?
  • Revenue Generator: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
    Follow-up: Where in your space do first impressions happen?

  • Naturally slip-resistant
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Easy to maintain
  • Custom logo and floor design capabilities
  • Low life-cycle costs