Lino xf²

Tarkett | Linoleum

  • Motivation: Combining 66 vibrant colors, many unique patterns, and coordinating wall products, LinoFloor and LinoWall bring stunning high-performance technology to your commercial space.
    Follow-up: What ideas do you have to personalize your space?
  • Efficiency: Lino xf² brings timeless beauty to a low maintenance, durable, and incredibly long-lasting material with installations that are still performing after decades of use.
    Follow-up: Please show me your oldest floor and tell me what you both like and dislike about it.
  • Safety: Lino xf² is made from wood flour, cork flour, resin, and linseed oil, with a jute backing, making it an all-natural and safe material, perfect for schools and childcare environments.
    Follow-up: How important is it to you that your floor or wall is naturally antimicrobial without the addition of harsh chemicals?
  • Environment: Lino xf² is Cradle to Cradle Silver in addition to having the highest rapidly renewable content in the industry.
    Follow-up: Have you ever worked on a LEED or WELL project?
  • R.O.I: Due to its exceptionally long lifespan, Lino xf² can save your business the cost of replacing your floor every 5 -10 years.
    Follow-up: How often do you see visible damage that lessens the impact of your interior space?
  • Revenue Generator: Lino xf² has more sound deadening and comfort underfoot than many resilient floor coverings which could prolong customer interactions and help the workforce stay productive through a long day.
    Follow-up: Did you know that color has a direct effect on one’s mood, heart, and respiration rate?
    Follow-up: Where in your space can you use color to influence desired behavior?

  • Homogeneous floor covering
  • Single layer affixed on a jute backing
  • The xf2 technology for reduced maintenance
  • Cleaning and stain removal are faster and easier

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