Eco-Naturals CorkTones

Tarkett | Rubber

  • Motivation: Corktones’ subtle cork fleck provides a beautiful look in 36 colors, giving it a warm earthy feel yet with all the benefits of rubber flooring.
    Follow-up: Have you ever used rubber flooring in one of your facilities?
  • Efficiency: Corktones combines the beauty of nature with the material that is not susceptible to dye lots or run numbers, so any future facility expansions or renovations will coordinate.
    Follow-up: What would it mean to you in creating your standards program to not have to worry about dye lots?
  • Safety: Rubber and Cork’s natural slip resistance provides peace of mind in knowing that you have selected a product that will not contribute to slip fall injuries.
    Follow-up: May I ask who handles the risk management assessments for your facility?
  • Environment: Corktones is engineered with rapidly renewable resources like cork. As a result, this flooring option will help specifiers achieve LEED accreditation.
    Follow-up: Has your company ever considered marketing its environmental initiatives?
  • R.O.I: The inherent properties of rubber flooring are durability, natural resiliency, and low maintenance saving both time and money.
    Follow-up: How much do you currently spend per square foot annually in maintenance costs?
  • Revenue Generator: The quiet nature of rubber and cork flooring contributes to a better learning environment.
    Follow-up: Are there any spaces where noise disrupts concentration?

  • 2.5% renewable material content, by total weight
  • Hammered surface rubber tile with cork
  • Naturally slip-resistant
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Easy to maintain
  • Custom logo and floor design capabilities
  • Low life-cycle costs