Tarkett | Rubber

  • Motivation: With 5 interchangeable textures and 107 colors, you can create a modern, geometric pattern that’s inspired by the most popular carpet tile visuals but offers the unique benefits that only come from rubber.
    Follow-up: Do you know why rubber is such a fast-growing segment of resilient flooring?
  • Efficiency: Circulinity has no dye lots or run numbers and color recipes are never deleted entirely, even from custom creations. Rubber is also easy to manufacture in small batches you never need to worry about repairs.
    Follow-up: Isn’t it a relief to know that by using Circulinity, one damaged tile will not require you to renovate the entire floor?
  • Safety: Circulinity far exceeds the ANSI A137.1 standard for coefficient of friction.
    Follow-up: Who in your facility is responsible for slip fall accident claims? May we speak with them?
  • Environment: Rubber flooring has an extremely long lifespan and is part of the ReStart Program.
    Follow-up: Do you know why having a long lifespan is one of the most beneficial impacts in interior spaces?
  • R.O.I: As the rates of outsourced flooring maintenance skyrocket, Circulinity can reduce your annual square footage costs significantly.
    Follow-up: Who is responsible for decisions relating to return on investment in your organization? May I speak with them?
  • Revenue Generator: The resilient nature of Rubber Flooring makes it comfortable underfoot, increasing productivity, and the dwell time of your client or customer.
    Follow-up: How would your revenue increase by having your client or customer spend more time in your space?

  • Consists of 5 different interchangeable patterns
  • Naturally slip-resistant
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Easy to maintain
  • Custom logo & floor design capabilities
  • Low life-cycle costs