Spray-Lock | Concrete Protection

SCP 327 is a proactive moisture remediation game changer! This product reacts with the free alkali in the concrete to fill capillaries and shut down liquid water movement which reduces water vapor transmission to acceptable levels for flooring installation.

  • Supports fast track construction
  • Eliminates moisture concerns
  • Not a bond breaker
  • Provides temporary roofing benefits
  • “Pour-to-Floor” in 14 days
  • Provides optimal concrete curing, ¬†as strong as 28-day water ponding without delays
  • Budget impact known upfront
  • Low-emitting material – Zero VOC
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable

Spc 327
SCP 327

See how Fishman Flooring Solutions customer McWaters in South Carolina helped their client, Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center, manage moisture in concrete with Spray-Lock SCP 327 Concrete Protection, realizing cost savings over an outdated and expensive specification.