NovaFloor | Luxury Vinyl

  • Motivation: NovaCore gives you a true hardwood feel with incredible benefits such as long lasting durability and a 100% waterproof inner core.
    Follow-up: How would you like a floor that looks and feels like hardwood yet is not susceptible to moisture from spills or pet accidents, etc?
  • Efficiency: NovaCore has excellent stain, abrasion and fade resistance with anti-bacterial properties and a lifetime residential and a 10 year light commercial warranty.
    Follow-up: Do you still have kids living at home and do you have any pets?
  • Safety: NovaCore is a phthalate-free product and ensures no harmful chemical exposure to the consumer.
    Follow-up: Are you aware that some irresponsible flooring manufacturers use dangerous chemicals or heavy metals in the processing of their products?
  • Environment: NovaCore is an excellent alternative to hardwoods and helps protect our natural environments from deforestation.
    Follow-up: Were you aware that scientists have estimated a complete loss of all rainforests within 100 years?
  • R.O.I: With NovaCore’s transparent vinyl wear layer, CeramGlaz poly-urethane protection, and lifetime residential warranty you can avoid having to refinish your hardwood and be confident knowing that your floor will last a lifetime.
    Follow-up: This floor is going to last a long time so have you given thought to coordinate with future renovations? Do you have exposed wood or built-ins that may need to coordinate?
  • Revenue Generator: Let’s face it. Students are very hard on the floors in their dorms or off campus housing.
    Follow-up: How much could it impact parental decision making to have them leave their child in a learning and nurturing environment?

  • 10-year light commercial warranty
  • Limited lifetime residential wear warranty
  • NovaClic Fd® installation
  • 12mil wear layer
  • CeramGlaz® durable urethane coating
  • Matching trim available
  • Novalis branded acoustical underlayment available
  • FloorScore® Certified