NovaFloor | Luxury Vinyl

  • Motivation: Novafloor Lyndon is a cost effective, versatile, multi-format vinyl tile & plank collection that offers beauty and durability with Novalis’ extra CeramGlaz protective finish.
    Follow-up: Are you searching for a versatile and affordable collection that has not forgotten the Luxury in LVT?
  • Efficiency: Since NovaFloor Lyndon offers LVP in both 2.0mm direct glue and 3.2mm click formats, Lyndon has a solution regardless of the installation environment.
    Follow-up: Have you ever had to select from many different non-coordinating products because installation circumstances varied throughout a project?
  • Safety: Carpet fibers hold dust and allergens making it challenging to keep clean for people with sensitivities while Novafloor Lyndon offers an easy to clean surface that won’t contribute to poor indoor air quality.
    Follow-up: Does anyone among your family or friends suffer from allergies or asthma?
  • Environment: Novafloor produces healthy and environmentally responsible flooring with its zero-waste-to-landfill production facility and during the Novafloor manufacturing process, 100% of production water is recycled.
    Follow-up: What environmental attributes do you consider when making a flooring selection?
  • R.O.I: Lyndon is sure to outlast the floor replacement cycle of traditional rental property floor covering options. The ability to replace individual tiles or planks for isolated areas of abuse is yet another way to increase your return on investment.
    Follow-up: What floor coverings have you traditionally used in past rental properties?
  • Revenue Generator: Lyndon delivers a high-end aesthetic which will increase the resale value of your investment property while maintaining your flooring budget.
    Follow-up: Which of the Lyndon styles fits best with your chosen aesthetic?

  • Direct-glue installation with Novalis branded adhesive
  • 10-year limited residential wear warranty
  • 3-year light commercial warranty
  • Limited lifetime residential wear warranty
  • 6mil wear layer
  • CeramGlaz® durable urethane coating
  • CurvedEdge™ design
  • Matching trim available