Betsy Ross | Engineered Hardwood

  • Motivation: The natural variance, depth, and beauty of Hickory is enhanced by a special wire brushed finishing technique.
    Follow-up: Did you know that Hickory is one of the hardest and most durable woods grown in America?
  • Efficiency: The Appalachian Series’ durable aluminum oxide, scratch-resistant finish, and matte gloss level will allow the beauty of the wood to show through while lasting for years and years.
    Follow-up: Do you agree that high gloss can mask the character of wood?
  • Safety: The Appalachian Series meets or exceeds the California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resource Board’s strict guidelines on avoiding negative contributions to indoor air quality.
    Follow-up: Did you see Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes report on wood flooring?
  • Environment: With all the concerns of deforestation, it might interest you to know that most hardwood for flooring is grown on family farms and through the replanting efforts there are three times more hardwood available today as there was 100 years ago.
    Follow-up: Did you also know that once a tree has fully matured it no longer converts CO2 to Oxygen, which means that only younger trees truly clean the air?
  • R.O.I: The money section of Time Magazine states “A study of homebuyer preferences by USA Today using data from the National Association of Realtors found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.”
    Follow-up: Have you looked at realty pages and have you seen how often the floor covering is called out in the listings?
  • Revenue Generator: The Appalachian Series is perfect for the discriminating buyer who wants a product that takes nature’s craftsmanship and improves it because each piece is hand touched with passion and precision.
    Follow-up: Don’t you agree that you can spot a wood lover the moment they walk into your showroom?

  • Edge profile: Microbevel
  • Finish Top Coat: Scratch Resistance Aluminum Oxide
  • Installation Method: Glue, Staple or Float
  • Indoor Air: CARB II Compliant, SCS Certification – Indoor Gold
  • Made in USA
  • Grade Level: On, Above, or Below
  • Warranty: 25 years Residential, 5 years Light Commercial